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Useful Information

Time Limits

Claims need to be brought within the last six years, although it is sometimes possible to bring a claim where the decree absolute was secured ten years ago or more. Whilst we would never advise leaving a claim this long, it is always possible to bring a claim of this nature. This would make the case more complex but certainly not impossible.

Best Advice

It is even more important that where a solicitor has been negligent in advising someone whilst going through the divorce, that this is remedied as quickly as possible and that the person that has gone through the divorce is put back in the position they should have been financially had they not been negligently advised.

If you believe that you may have received negligent advice then you must be represented by a solicitor that has considerable experience in professional negligence, especially in persuing other solicitors in relation to negligent divorce advice.

Recoverable Losses

Subject to being in a position to establish professional negligence against your previous solicitor, you will be entitled to recover the loss between what you received in the settlement and what you would have recovered, had the pension been assessed correctly. You may also be able to recover any other losses brought about by the lesser settlement but these would need to be individually assessed to ensure that you have incurred the loss as a direct result of the pension settlement.

Your Ex-Partner

Rest assured that this claim will not involve your ex-partner or their legal representatives. Any claim that is made on your behalf will be presented to your previous solicitor and their insurers. It is a common misconception that claims for divorce negligence involves reopening the original divorce settlement with your ex-partner, which is not the case. It is highly likely that your ex-partner will even know that you are making a claim.

What we do

We have had a great deal of experience in this particular type of professional negligence and therefore you can benefit from that experience. Our aim is to place you with one of our panel solicitors that also have experience in this speciality and support them and you through your claim.

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